In a world of increasing disruption, excessive choice, hyper competitiveness,
information transparency and declining margins—relationships rule!




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Integrated system of Checks to understand customers individually and maximize revenue opportunities.



Checks to ensure customers feel appreciated and to assess the strength of their relationship to help drive loyalty.



Dealer and Customer
Finance Checks present an integrated view of finance business opportunities.



Integrated system of Checks to understand pre-owned customers individually and maximize revenue opportunities.



Identify and prevent reasons impacting service revenue in- and out-of-warranty with Service Checks.



Gain insights from leads, in-store shoppers and buyers about the most influential reasons for choosing the brand and dealership.


“The Lead Check alerts help us sell cars to customers we stopped speaking to, while ROAR monthly data gives us better understanding of our sales process effectiveness in closing customers.”

–ROAR Client


ROAR focuses on individual customer revenue risk management
across the customer journey with data analytics-driven insights. Our
EXPERIENCE INTELLIGENCE answers key questions that drive revenue:

We are from some of the best customer, technology, and car companies, including J.D. Power, Apple, Microsoft,, and Autonation.

Our executive team has over 200 years of technology and consulting experience. This combined experience has pushed us to develop a high value, easy to use, customer intelligence platform.

For the last 18 months, we’ve been in Beta working with a few clients as we develop components of our platform. Encouraged by the great results our clients report, we are now accepting more clients.

Review the specific sections of the EXPERIENCE INTELLIGENCE platform by clicking on one of the business areas below or contact us for a Test Drive.

“What does analysis from similar customers tell us that could help increase the probability of selling to this customer?”

“What happens to leads 30 days after their first contact with the dealership?”

“Which actions can we take to get this lost customer back in for service?”

“How do we know when a current customer may be coming back in the market for a car so we can get them a personalized offer to close them before they shop others?”

“How do we track performance against the total value a customer represents over their lifetime?”

“ROAR provides us intelligence on leads and shoppers our dealers stopped contacting, creating sales and process improvement at the dealer level.”

-OEM Client

The High Stakes of Thanks

Saying thanks is something most of us take for granted because it’s so simple to do. Or is it? Data from recent engagements indicates that …

  1. just because it is simple doesn’t mean it is done (or done well)
  2. not doing it can mean a big loss in short- and long-term revenue




Customers stating their business was appreciated


Customers stating their business was not appreciated

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Whilst correlation is not causation, we have seen plenty of data showing the relationship between customer retention and customers feeling appreciated. And a poor showing of appreciation has been related to a transaction-focused business – just getting customers in and out – rather than a business focusing on providing the ingredients of a relationship.

The ingredients for Relationship Commerce are not mysterious or difficult. Speaking to customers about what they expect in terms of appreciation from a business indicates specific actions:

  1. sincerity – is personalized, letting customers know you know them
  2. warmth – kindness in the words, the tone, with genuine sincerity
  3. follow-up – reinforcing the appreciation provided in-person with a brief message or call from the business

Business operators will all tell you they want to build and nurture relationships with customers. Watching how a business’s people show their appreciation to customers provides a strong understanding of the depth of that businesses’ customer focus—and perhaps even long-term profitability.

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Stop the Madness!

Dealerships spend thousands monthly to gain shopper attention. Yet, data from recent ROAR lead and shopper surveys tells us more than 85% of dealership money to drive potential business is being wasted by poor process, bad experiences and just overall lack of attention to what shoppers want.

Insights from the ROAR lead and shopper surveys indicates stopping the madness of wasted marketing money begins with knowing what shoppers want in their contact with the dealership—whether it be via e-mail, or phone, even on walking in.




<60 minutes


>60 minutes

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Some of the key elements to ensure shopper response engagement include …

  • Timing – responding to shoppers fast lets them know you are interested in them and their business, with data indicating a response within an hour of receiving the request is 3X more effective at closing a sales than responses over an hour later
  • Personalized – fast responses, with a personalized message focused exactly on the specific customer’s needs (rather than with a generic response) lets shoppers know they matter to you
  • Value-add – instead of merely confirming the product availability with an e-mail, shoppers love additional information on the product of interest, including photos of features, or even better, is a narrated video to bring the product to life and show the dealership really cares

While nothing guarantees a shopper becomes a buyer, ROAR data indicates these actions greatly increase sales probability.

Contact ROAR to find out how we can help you stop the madness and increase your Lead and Shopper ROI with our Experience Intelligence.

The EXPERIENCE INTELLIGENCE Platform is helping clients succeed in the R-Commerce Era by identifying revenue and satisfaction opportunities with individual customers. Below are several case studies from recent client work.

CASE STUDY: German OEM client using New-Vehicle Lead Check and Shopper Check from the EXPERIENCE INTELLIGENCE Platform

  • Conducting Lead Check and Shopper Check to assess experience with dealerships
  • Sales opportunities are identified and immediately provided to the dealership along with additional relevant information on the lead or shopper, helping to close more sales each month on customers which had been abandoned
  • The client and dealers receive key lead and shopper experience intelligence in dashboards and other tools
  • The Brand is expanding program to other ROAR tools and other brands in their group

CASE STUDY: Dealer Group client using EXPERIENCE INTELLIGENCE Platform to conduct Lead Check and Shopper Check on New- and Used-Vehicle Shoppers

  • Incremental monthly sales to leads and shoppers identified as still shopping result from Lead and Shopper Checks re-engaging opportunities
  • Intelligence on Leads’ and Shoppers’ experiences with the dealerships provided in dashboards and hot alerts being used in sales meetings for process and behavior improvement
  • Based on their results, the dealer group is adding additional ROAR services, including Loyalty Check

CASE STUDY: Agricultural, Commercial, and Construction Vehicle OEM using EXPERIENCE INTELLIGENCE Platform for customer experience assessment and appreciation follow-up

  • Contacting customer across 12 different markets to assess their perception of vehicle breakdown assistance and customer contact support
  • Hot alerts provide brand and workshops quick knowledge on problem customers requiring issue resolution
  • Closed-loop with customers having issues ensures resolution
  • Information provided assesses performance across markets and within markets for continuous improvement
  • OEM is expanding activity to include follow-up appreciation note to all sales and service customers, with a quick check on their experience

CONTACT: Giorgio Cavalieri
VP, Business Development