ROAR focuses on individual customer revenue risk management
across the customer journey with data analytics-driven insights. Our
EXPERIENCE INTELLIGENCE answers key questions that drive revenue:

We are from some of the best customer, technology, and car companies, including J.D. Power, Apple, Microsoft,, and Autonation.

Our executive team has over 200 years of technology and consulting experience. This combined experience has pushed us to develop a high value, easy to use, customer intelligence platform.

For the last 18 months, we’ve been in Beta working with a few clients as we develop components of our platform. Encouraged by the great results our clients report, we are now accepting more clients.

Review the specific sections of the EXPERIENCE INTELLIGENCE platform by clicking on one of the business areas below or contact us for a Test Drive.

“What does analysis from similar customers tell us that could help increase the probability of selling to this customer?”

“What happens to leads 30 days after their first contact with the dealership?”

“Which actions can we take to get this lost customer back in for service?”

“How do we know when a current customer may be coming back in the market for a car so we can get them a personalized offer to close them before they shop others?”

“How do we track performance against the total value a customer represents over their lifetime?”

“ROAR provides us intelligence on leads and shoppers our dealers stopped contacting, creating sales and process improvement opportunities at the dealer level.”

-OEM Client