Yes, customer satisfaction and NPS are important. But, lost leads, shoppers, finance customers, and service customers cost businesses billions.

ROAR’s Experience Intelligence platform provides businesses insights beyond satisfaction ratings on all customers – leads, shoppers, buyers,  rejecters, finance customers, service users and defectors – so business is won and retained.


ROAR Clarifies and Improves Business KPIs

Recent experiences indicate the following typical performance results for dealerships – we help you define and maximize yours.

KPI Leads
(calls, emails,
3rd parties, …)
(in dealership)
Buyer Owner
(post warranty)
Conversion Rates 2.5% to 4.5%       Yours? 20% to 24%       Yours? NA NA
NPS -10% to 5%         Yours? -10% to 14%     Yours? +60% to 80%     Yours? +30% to 50%       Yours?
Loyalty Sales 20% to 40%       Yours? 30% to 50%     Yours? 40% to 65%       Yours? 30% to 40%         Yours?

Data we recently provided to a client showed a tremendous difference in close rates when dealers provided personalized responses to leads within 60 minutes of receiving the inquiry. These insights led to our client seeing more dealer visits and higher close rates from leads. This is just one example of Experience Intelligence and its focus on business results over a rating.

“Our sales efficiency has greatly improved from working with ROAR insights.”

CEO, Dealer Group
Western Europe


Insightful, Scalable, Secure – The EXPERIENCE INTELLIGENCE™ Platform

We used our 100+ years of experience working with customer information at dealerships, brands and consultancies to develop a highly effective platform to collect, understand and distribute insights to decision makers for action taking.


Experience Intelligence on …

Sales Leads


  • Why shopper selected the dealership
  • What point the shopper is in their sales process
  • Source of lead (media, location)
  • Competitive vehicles being shopped
  • What is required to close the lead (if still active)
  • Perception of their dealership contact
  • Likelihood to recommend and purchase
  • Buying motivations
  • Comments from sales leads

Website Shoppers


  • Why shopper visited the website
  • Understand shoppers’ perceptions of the site
  • Identify shoppers intent to buy, reject, and why
  • What is required to close the website shopper (if still active)
  • Source of the website shopper (media, location)
  • Comments from website shoppers

In-Dealership Shoppers


  • Why shopper selected the dealership
  • Buying motivations
  • Other brands and dealers being shopped
  • Perception of dealership interaction
  • What’s required to close a shopper (if still active)
  • Likelihood to buy, reject, recommend and why
  • Comments from shoppers



  • Why buyer chose that dealership to buy from
  • Perception of key sales experience touchpoints
  • Other vehicles and dealers the buyer shopped
  • Source of the buyer (media, location)
  • Is buyer replacing, adding, or a 1st-time buyer
  • Buyer likelihood to recommend and use the dealership for service
  • Comments from buyers

Rejecters (lost sales customers)


  • Why rejecters chose to shop at the dealership
  • Why the dealership was rejected
  • Rejecters’ perception of dealership experience
  • Which vehicle the rejecter bought
  • Why rejecter chose another dealership and brand
  • Source of the rejecter (media, location)
  • The rejecter’s likelihood to recommend or speak poorly about a dealership
  • Comments from rejecters

Finance Customers


  • Finance packages offered to the customer
  • Why customer chose their specific provider and rejected other providers
  • Where customer conducted most of financing process (online, in-dealership, bank, …)
  • Perception of the financing and billing process
  • Likelihood to recommend the finance provider and use it again
  • Comments from finance buyers and rejecters

In/Post-Warranty Service Customers


  • Reasons customers use the dealership for service
  • Type of work customers use the dealership or another provider for
  • Other service providers customers use and how much they spend
  • Dealership service experience strengths and weaknesses
  • Customer recommendations, intent to use dealer service and repurchase
  • Comments from service customers in and out of warranty

Service Defectors


  • Reasons customers stop using dealer service
  • Type of work service customers use dealers for and type of work other service providers are for
  • Other providers defectors use and why
  • Amount of money being spent at other service providers
  • What is required to bring service defectors back to the dealer for service
  • Comments from service defectors

Dealership Employee Engagement


  • How well employees believe they are prepared to meet management’s objectives
  • What employees believe they require to be more effective at meeting management’s objectives
  • Employee’s perspectives on their level of recognition by the business
  • The level of empowerment employees believe they have to make required decisions to do their job
  • Comments from employees

Experience Intelligence Platform Elements

The core values of Experience Intelligence reflect what matters most in developing actionable customer-based insights


Customers feel personally invited to speak to us about their experience. We use their name, the date of their experience, why they were visiting your dealership, and then after they have provided their voice we let them know how their info was used—all to let them know their voice matters


Customers can tell us about their experience easily, quickly, on the device of their choice, and with a chance to win—all in a manner that creates opportunities to hear from customers again and again, across their ownership lifecycle (because the first time speaking to us wasn’t too painful)


Customers never answer more questions than required to provide EIS users the info they need to understand what the customer experienced. And EIS dealer and OEM users get great, easy to use data on a weekly and monthly basis in dashboards, excel or other formats


We have tools to listen and understand what customers want across all experience touchpoints—and the ability to follow a customer throughout their lifecycle


Best practices are linked to customer experience findings to provide ROAR clients potential actions to deploy to improve results


Information on customers’ experiences provided to clients offers depth and understanding most clients have not had before—not just on buyers but shoppers and lost customers and not just ratings, but why they left, or may leave, too


Actions by businesses using our data are guaranteed to improve results (at least, that is what we have seen occur, but unfortunately, our lawyers don’t like the word ‘guarantee’ ☹)


ROAR utilizes the strictest data handling policies and processes to ensure data privacy requirements are met

RESULTS (examples of Experience Intelligence)

65%   more leads bought when contacted within an hour than bought when contacted after more than 24 hours
45%   of post-warranty service customers defected for maintenance work due to convenience (which is much higher than defection due to price)
82%   of finance customers who will not recommend their finance provider said it was due to billing errors

“ROAR information is a critical element in our efforts to regain service customers who have defected from our dealerships’ workshops.”

Service Marketing Director,
Asian Brand, US Market


Changing Hearts, Minds and Sales With Lead and Shopper Data

Changing hearts, minds, behaviors to get the outcomes you want is hard! This is particularly true when we talk about creating lasting change in dealership sales departments.

Our experience in improving dealership sales effectiveness indicates that using dealership lead and shopper effectiveness data is a powerful tool for getting dealership management to change, especially when we see in the data a sales impact 3X greater from specific types of lead responses.

Many of us who have worked in, or with, dealerships realize that shoppers today have considerably greater expectations and more tools to ensure their expectations are met than just a few years ago. Most sales surveys are conducted with buyers.

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Stop the Madness!

Dealerships spend thousands monthly to gain shopper attention. Yet, data from recent ROAR lead and shopper surveys tells us more than 85% of dealership money to drive potential business is being wasted by poor process, bad experiences and just overall lack of attention to what shoppers want.

Insights from the ROAR lead and shopper surveys indicates stopping the madness of wasted marketing money begins with knowing what shoppers want in their contact with the dealership—whether it be via e-mail, or phone, even on walking in.

Some of the key elements to ensure shopper response engagement include:

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“ROAR info on our shoppers’ experiences in dealerships provides valuable intelligence for our dealers to close more sales.”

Head of Sales,
European Premium Brand, US Market


ROAR is driven to achieve results globally, with teams across Asia, Europe and North America.

The ROAR team has more than 100 years of automotive research and consulting experience, including from J.D. Power, on activities to drive business.

Team members have built great technology, worked at car companies, and developed surveys for 7 of the top 10 global automotive brands.

ROAR technology members have worked for Apple, Microsoft, Salesforce.com and other tech companies for a combined 50 years.

We know customer experiences and we know the intelligence businesses require to make great money from great experiences—this is the reason for ROAR.


Several EXPERIENCE INTELLIGENCE packages are available to monitor your effectiveness with customers.
Of course, final pricing is based on what you want to achieve. But these 3 packages’ price ranges provide clarity on the great value available.



One Market One Experience Intelligence
$1,500 - $3,000 */month
  • New or used lead monitoring
  • Shopper monitoring
  • Website monitoring
  • Buyer monitoring
  • Finance monitoring
  • Service monitoring


One Market Three Experiences' Intelligence
$2,000 - $4,000 */month
  • New or used lead monitoring
  • Shopper monitoring
  • Website monitoring
  • Buyer monitoring
  • Finance monitoring
  • Service monitoring
*Pricing is an estimate and could vary depending on client needs

All packages include:

  • 8:00 – 17:00 support M-F
  • 2 campaigns monthly per Experience
  • integration of brand logo into surveys
  • surveys personalized with customer name
  • survey invitations via e-mail, SMS, or QR code
  • incentives for increased response rates
  • 3-level hierarchy (market, region, dealer)
  • KPI dashboards and detailed question data delivered monthly
  • Hot Leads / Customer Alerts for customers requesting contact or still in process of shopping delivered daily
  • Text Analytics for verbatims


Give your business the advantage our Experience Intelligence platform provides. Contact a ROAR Team member in your market for a demonstration of how ROAR can deliver results over a rating for your business.

ROAR Regional Experts

Terry Hong
Customer Service Manager

Giorgio Cavalieri
VP, Business Development

Lu Nguyen
VP, Business Development